Problem with GameAppDelegate.ApplicationDidFinishLaunching method

MarkyYeahMarkyYeah GBMember

Hi, I'm new to Xamarin and CocosSharp and I'm having trouble getting the BouncingGame tutorial to work.

The GameAppDelegate.ApplicationDidFinishLaunching method doesn't seem to get called (I have added a break point to this and it never gets hit but a breakpoint in the constructor does get hit).

Has anyone else had this problem? Not sure where to go from here as it is completely stopping any progress!

This is with version and for iOS.




  • MarkyYeahMarkyYeah GBMember

    UPDATE: I have just updated to version and this appears to be working now! Phew!!!

  • AlesGolliAlesGolli SIMember

    In my case, the GameAppDelegate.ApplicationDidFinishLaunching method is not called/executed in But it works in!

  • kjpou1kjpou1 LUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hey guys

    We will be looking at this and you can view the progress here:

    Thanks for letting us know

  • RamiTabbaraRamiTabbara AUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi all,

    I suspect this is an issue due to the change in v1.3.1.0 moving from the iOS Classic to Unified API. Please follow this link here for details on how to migrate existing iOS projects over to the new Unified API.

  • kjpou1kjpou1 LUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    I have just migrated the GoneBananas sample to Unified so this should not be a problem if you pull down the new sources.

  • MarkyYeahMarkyYeah GBMember

    I can confirm that I am now running another solution using v1.3.1.0 with the new Unified API and all is well. Really enjoying development using Xamarin and CocosSharp! Thanks guys!

  • kjpou1kjpou1 LUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai


    Thanks for letting us know. We have closed the issue.

  • Hmmm, I've just upgraded my iOS game to CocosSharp 1.3.1 and I've upgraded my project solution as outlined above so that it's using the unified API but I have a problem where I just get a black screen.

    I'm guessing this is because it's not calling ApplicationDidFinishLaunching (I set my breakpoint but it didn't get hit and the application output doesn't show much other than the standard loaded assembly messages) in my GameAppDelegate class.

    I've cleaned and rebuilt my app, and even removed and re-added CocosSharp v1.3.1

    (Note: the game is working on Android and WinPhone using v1.3.1)

    Any ideas what I should try next?

    Thanks in advance, Adrian

  • Ok - got it working, I needed to remove and re-add iOS CocosSharp 1.3.1 after the unified API upgrade (I'd done it before th project upgrade) - that seems to have cleared things up.

    I'm now a happy bunny with my game up and running on iOS, Android and WinPhone.

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