Android splash screen with CocosSharp?

I've successfully got icons and splash screens in iOS using the iOS project options in my CocosSharp game and I've also got icons appearing for Android using the Android project options but how do I display an initial Android splash screen?

I've added splash.png to the various Resources/drawable directories with the Android Resource build option against them but they're not appearing. If I look on the Android forum I see it mentions creating a splash layout and activity. Is this what would need to be done when using CocosSharp as well?

(I suspect it is - in which case I won't bother as my main menu screen will not be much more asset / resource heavy in any case so it might as well skip straight to it as the splash screen wouldn't be displayed until after the .net runtime environment is up and running which does take a while - at least it takes a while in debug mode looking at my application output panel in the IDE)

Thanks, Adrian


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