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Assertion failure in '...source/mono/mono/mini/method-to-ir.c:5889'

Hi there,

I'm using Xamarin.Android 4.6.00049 with visual studio 2010, and every so often I find visual studio locks up because of the following assert (read from the logcat output):

04-02 12:26:00.740 F/        ( 3093): * Assertion at /Users/builder/data/lanes/monodroid-lion-bigsplash/0e0e51f9/source/mono/mono/mini/method-to-ir.c:5889, condition `!sig->has_type_parameters' not met

It happens while stopped in the debugger when I hover the mouse over a local variable of type 'Expression<Func<T,bool>>' (T is generic). I have also had this problem with version 4.4.55.

Is this a known issue (ie fixed in 4.7.1?) or should I raise a bug report?



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