Cannot edit MvvmCross_NoSamples solution on OS X

GuillaumeGirardGuillaumeGirard CAMember ✭✭
edited April 2013 in Visual Studio

Hi Xamarin Community,

Today I tried to test the @StuartLodge MvvmCross solution. For this, I have downloaded its solution from github as ZIP (
When opening the MvvmCross_NoSamples.sln solution, I got some errors, most of them related to the fact I didn't have any support for Windows Phone and Windows 8 (OS X of course...). So I've tried to delete projects which failed while loading the solution.

At each project removal operation, I got the following error

The changes are not saved (projects are still in the solution if you close/reopen it).

I don't know if I've missed something while I've unzipped the project.
I've tried to setup a blank solution with several projects, then altering one of the files to prevent it to load on next solution opening, but didn't reproduce the trouble.

Does anybody else have already experienced this kind of trouble?




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