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PCL libaray to component


I am thinking of using ( PCL library with xamarin.Forms to develop Epub reader for iOS,android and windows. But I am not sure how to convert this library into a component. Please guide me.


  • MikeCodesDotNetMikeCodesDotNet GBXamarin Team Xamurai


    As the library is a PCL, you should be able to consume this with your Xamarin.Forms app without needing to create a component. If you need any assistance with this then please let me know.

    All the best,

  • rakesh.0474rakesh.0474 USMember

    I am totally new in Xamarin platform , i am trying to implement epub reader in xamarin.forms , already gone through epub factory but i think it is not useful, can anyone suggest me how to implement epub rendering in xamarin.forms ?

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