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How can I create .xnb font file

I want to translate Transistor(PC Game) into my language
and what should I do to create xnb font to replace the original file

This is some of original xnb font ThankYou


  • RamiTabbaraRamiTabbara AUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi Sarawin,

    The attachment you've provided is a .RAR file which is a file format that support data compression and is not specific to fonts. I suspect you may have to decompress the file before it's of any use.

    However, assuming you're able to do that, the next step in order to create a .xnb file would be to use the MonoGame content builder here.

  • sarawin008sarawin008 THMember

    Hi Rami
    This file .rar contain some of xnb font file. I compress it because uploaded file type .xnb is not allowed.

    Can you explain about how to view this file. Because I want to generate xnb font file resemble original file to work with this game.

    Thank you for your attention
    {My english is so bad Sorry}

  • DomiBDomiB BEBeta, University ✭✭

    I have never seen a viewer that can display fonts from a XNB file. Your best bet is making a simple app that displays text using the font.

    Also, the XNB font is usually generated from a TTF file, and the name from the font is often used to name the XNB, so try searching for a TTF with that same name.

  • sarawin008sarawin008 THMember

    I want to generate xnb file to work with this game but use another font to display Characters in my language

    Can you generate this font for me

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