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Did I miss the memo about NuGet?

Hi guys,

So it seems like the Component Store has some outdated components that have an up-to-date counterpart on NuGet. Is the Component Store obsolete? Are we supposed to be switching to NuGet? Perhaps an announcement about that is in order?

For the record I'm talking specifically about:
Google Play Services
Android Support Library v7 AppCompat (and RecyclerView, CardView etc.)



  • JonathanDickJonathanDick CAXamarin Team, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    @crave_erik The component store is not obsolete, however we have started the process of making some components actually depend on their NuGet package counterparts (this is the case for the Android Support Libraries - you'll notice if you install the component now, it will actually install the NuGet packages instead of referencing the libraries directly from the component).

    In this particular case you happened to see a bit of a delay between us releasing the NuGet packages and the updated components, this is mostly due to the components team being extremely busy getting ready for iOS Unified support.

    Going forward, it's definitely safe for you to directly add the nuget packages to your project instead of the component if you like. In the cases where the component exists on NuGet as well, the component itself is mostly for users to be able to look at sample code.

    So again, components are definitely not obsolete, we are just trying to make things available to users in more places :)

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