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Why my all elements on 1 line?

Hey brothers! Here my code:

var layout = new LinearLayout (this);
foreach (XmlNode node in nodes)
  TextView ValuteString = new TextView(this);
  ValuteString.Text = node["CharCode"].InnerText;

I dont understand how i can display TextView on different line because right now they display like:

John Tom Dennis Peter Batman


but it should like this

John Tom Dennis Peter Batman

I try search hard any solution and think problem in LinearLayout but not have any ideas what i should do.
Sorry im newbie.


  • aaronmixaaronmix USMember, Beta

    The default orientation of a LinearyLayout is horizontal. Perhaps adding layout.Orientation = Orientation.Vertical will do the trick?

  • SemenToropovSemenToropov RUMember

    aaronmix, thank you very much it WORKS!!!!

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