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veboysveboys USMember

I have installed the latest Xamarin on my computer, OS WIN7(64bit) and VS2012(ultimate).
when i create my first android app, i am stucked at the step below.

im told to wait to login in my browser,but my browser has no response at all.

i have the google chrome(which is the default browser) and ie8.

anyone knows what's going on?

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  • brajkovicbrajkovic USXamarin Team, University Xamurai


    Are you behind a proxy of some sort, and is your system clock correct? We've seen some issues with restrictive proxies and skewed system clocks. Can you see if there are logs in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Xamarin\Logs and attach them if you find any? These will help with trying to figure out the issue.

    Best, Bojan

  • veboysveboys USMember
    edited February 2013

    thanks! it's doing fine now! since i am from china, i think the suck network caused the trouble!

    thanks again anyway!

  • yangchingyangching USMember

    hi @veboys‌ , could you share your experience and how did you manage to solve the login problem in China?

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