New Visual Studio 2013 Community Can't open Xamarin.Android project?

JunZhang.3823JunZhang.3823 USMember ✭✭
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Anyone knows if VS2013 Community can be used to develop Xamarin Android project?
When I open X.A project via VS 2013 Community, I got project type unsupported / can't be opened by this VS version.
Thank you

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  • JunZhang.3823JunZhang.3823 USMember ✭✭
    edited November 2014

    Thanks @Mike_James‌, I installed Xamarin tools.
    This is what I did. I created a Xamarin Android new project in Xamarin Studio and then opened that newly created Xamarin Android project in VS 2013 Community, but project type unsupported by VS 2013 Community...

  • MikeCodesDotNetMikeCodesDotNet GBXamarin Team Xamurai

    Do you have any project templates in Visual Studio 2013 for Xamarin.Android?

  • JunZhang.3823JunZhang.3823 USMember ✭✭
    edited November 2014

    No, there is no X.Android project template. There is not even a Xamarin type project template available in vs 2013 C.
    Is that VS 2013 Community not supporting xamarin project yet? I guess I have to uninstall vs 2010 then install xamarin studio again. Cause I installed vs 2010 before installing 2013 Community.

    I just deleted vs 2010 and double clicked xamarininstallation.exe. Now I'm able to run android project in vs 2013 Community. :D Thanks @Mike_James‌

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