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HI All,

I do my development in a virtual machine running in VMWare and I was initially a bit confused on how to setup Genymotion up in this scenario.

Decided to share my setup, in case others would like to do the same.

  1. Install Genymotion on host (bad idea installing it within another virtual machine)

  2. Genymotion will setup a host-only NAT

  3. Open VMWare's Virtual Network Editor, and create a bridge to the Virtual Box's Host-Only Adapter

  4. Create a new network card in the virtual machine and map it to the vmnet that is bridging to virtual box's host-only adapter

  5. When adroid emulator is running, start the Genymotion app and note the ip address

  6. Run the adp (on the development machine) connect to ip address noted in previous step. I have scripted this as shown below:

And you will see the emulator listed in the xamarin studio (in the virtual machine); clean & simple.




  • bharatkumarbharatkumar USMember

    For both: Development in VirtualBox and Emualtor/genymotion in VirtualBox:
    1) Install Genymotion on host (bad idea installing it within another virtual machine) & create a virtual android device.
    2) Genymotion will setup a host-only NAT.
    3) In the Network Settings for the VM which has Xamarin/Visual studio running, add a "Bridged Adapter" with default settings.
    4) Restart this VM. You will be prompted by Windows to allow/disallow device detection for a new network. Allow it.
    5) In the adb command prompt, run these commands:
    adb kill-server
    adb connect /// replace with the correct device IP address as explained in the above post.


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