Xamarin Forms vs Monotouch for iOS and Android

I am developing an Android and iOS app that should ship around Feb/March of 2015. I have sorted out the "shared" part of the code and an ready to work on the UI. Shared part will use RestShap (dll), and SQLite.net (source). I will use a shared library (not PCL).

I have been taking a look at the Xamarin Forms. After some searching, it seems like it is not ready yet. It also seems that in realty, you will probably end up with just as much custom code, but it will just live in a different place.

I will also be looking into some 3rd party components. Specifically charting. I realize you can use non Forms code, but that just seems like a workaround.

I am concerned that I will hit a wall somewhere down the road. If anyone has any advice based on experience, please let me (and others reading this post) know. **If you search and found this post, please note the post date. This is very early Xamarin.Forms at the moment.

Features that will be used are:
[-- Shared --]

  • SQLite.net (DB)
  • RestSharp (For API calls)
  • Reachability (Have not looked into this yet on Xamarin)

[-- Apps --]

  • Fairly typical list views
  • small amounts of form type data input (something like Name, Address, D.O.B.)
  • Some custom UI that will involve graphics, text. This is pretty light weight on the CPU side. I just need good layout control.


  • voidvoid DKBeta ✭✭✭
    edited November 2014

    Xamarin Forms is not really in a 1.3 preview state. It's more like 0.9 beta.

    Unfortunately is is not marketed as such which is a bit unfair to us, our clients and the internal Xamarin developers working on XF.

    It will be great though! Once it comes out of beta :)

  • BenLevy.4265BenLevy.4265 USMember ✭✭


    First off, great username.

    Thanks for the feedback. That is exactly what I needed to here. I think there are enough challenges with Xamarin at the moment. I went ahead and used the monotouch projects.

    Considering all the big news from Microsoft, looks like mono will be no more in a while anyway. Sure is a lot of interest in Xamarin from Microsoft. This is all starting to remind me of the first iOS XCode stuff. Always breaking, weird issues and then a complete change.

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