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Show us your apps!



  • EkkehardBeierEkkehardBeier DEUniversity ✭✭

    My first Xam App, focus on furniture selling at the POS. Done in a couple of months after starting XS the first time. My imagination is too limited to believe that something with this complexity, usability and also quantitative and/or technical challenges (there's at least 4 baskets, always in sync, etc.) can be done with either Web emulation (jQuery UI/Mobile) or Meta-API cross platform approaches like [email protected] or [email protected] The code behind is extremely structured, both in terms of several Assemblies, some of them even platform-independent and by using the Notification pattern to decouple components. This way, it's really easy to maintain and/or extend it. (Can't say this about all my software projects)... All done natively in C#, ZBar wrapped with Sharpie. Next milestone: 3D. Credits to Pixate, Appracatappra for great stuff.

    Little video showing a few aspects:

    Creating this App fully convinced me to be on the right track with Xam!


  • EdwardCastilloEdwardCastillo USMember ✭✭

    My first app was Remote DJ . This app allows your iPhone to be used as a Remote Control to play music on another computer using Media Player. I use sockets to communicate with the other windows computer, and also included Album art covers and Lyrics. I came up with this idea because during the summer we sit outside and listen to music playing on my home theatre. Well, people were constantly asking me to skip songs, or play different I got tired of constantly going inside to change the music. The original app was developed for Windows Phone, but when Xamarin came out, I converted it.

    My second app was Slick Reminders . This app uses the reminders on your iPhone, but includes other capabilities that I saw was lacking on the current Reminder app.

  • RonnyBattyRonnyBatty GBMember

    Hi there.

    I've recently released my retro shooter Chaos Influx to both the App Store and Google Play


  • RussellCollinghamRussellCollingham GBUniversity ✭✭

    @RocketRonz nice! What platform is that using (unity/cocos etc)?

    Also, how did you record the video?


  • SebastianSeidel.9226SebastianSeidel.9226 DEInsider, University ✭✭✭✭

    @Ekki‌ Nice to see I was helpfull at this project and bring you to Xamarin. Even we never met in person but have same friends.

  • edited July 2014

    Vezma developed for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

    Vezma is a gps tracking service for mileage reporting, location sharing and expense tracking (newest feature). Mostly used by self-employed individuals (tax deduction) or businesses with a car fleet (mileage reporting, expense tracking). All the records are synced in cloud and accessible from web app. Advanced report generating to help with payroll, tax returns or efficiency studies.

    Xamarin approach allowed us to share 75% code between 3 (or 4 - Blackberry is just extra compiled Xamarin/Android port with minor mods) mobile platforms and even some code is shared with our cloud solution (10%).

  • juanpaexpeditejuanpaexpedite ESMember

    We have just published our first App for Android with Xamarin. Teatime:

    It uses Restsharp to read from Feedly and it is really fast. We implemented it with MVVMCross and we added inapp purchases with the component. We really appreciate having Xamarin to make us be capable of publish on Android, we use a library that browses the main content and saves a lot of data and traffic. We download web content and process ir really great. The most difficult part was to create a UIService that adapts the size of the UI to different sizes (this was just done when Xamarin Forms was released).

    It also includes a text player that scrolls the content up to read faster!

    We have made a great effort to have a great UI with an application bar for easy navigation and great responsiveness using async. We would like you test it and great to hear your oppinions. Thank you Xamarin

  • ManuelCostaManuelCosta PTMember ✭✭


    I think it is a good example of the performance you can get with this framework.
    It uses OpenGL for rendering and executes Data Mining algorithms in real time to create stories. For now it is available on iOS and Android should come out by the end of October

    Web Site


    Output demo 1

    Output demo 2

  • jbrjbr USMember


    I have just published my first App for iOS built with Xamarin: GrowingNetwork.

    Having a .NET and C# background, it would have taken much more time for me to implement it with XCode and Objective C.

    Basically, the application allows you to chat, publish and send photos, view nearby members and make new friends. Full description is on the support page: (it is minimal at this step, but I work on it!).

    Technically, real-time messaging is achieved with WebSockets (I’m currently working on a back-up mechanism in case the WebSocket session cannot be established due to proxy traversal issues). On server-side, I rely on WCF services hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

    It seems it is easier to implement the application with Xamarin than to get discovered and have downloads on the App Store!

  • RussellCollinghamRussellCollingham GBUniversity ✭✭

    Hi, just published my first app, "Dice Assistant" - a dice rolling assistant for board gamers, role players and war gamers. Free/Ad-Free. Developed using Xamarin Forms.

    It took 1 hour to be reviewed for the Windows Phone store, 2 days (plus time to verify Merchant account) for the Google Play store and 10 days for the Apple store.

  • ThomasBandtThomasBandt DEDeveloper Group Leader ✭✭

    Hi guys,

    My team and I shipped Whatstays this summer, see the iOS app and the Android app.

    Memory leaks were driving me nuts on iOS, but after all I am quite happy with Xamarin as we could share huge parts of our mobile code base between Android and iOS.


  • MarcoSeraphinMarcoSeraphin DEMember, University

    Hi all,

    I wrote a location based app using Xamarin.Forms, some Custom renderer and different Dependency service implementations. (for send SMS message for example).

    Here is the iOS app "PickMeUp"

    The Android version and Windows Phone version is nearly ready, I hope to publish them in the next 2 weeks.


  • Hey,

    We recently launched our new version of Bird Journal. You can think of it as Evernote for bird watchers, with data stored offline on each device and synced between them.

    The Android app and iOS app are written using Xamarin. We have a custom .NET embedded document data store which is common across all platforms, along with common application specific database layer and view models. Documents are synced via our webservice running in Azure Websites and through to a Mongo database & Azure blob storage. All running very nicely and couldn't have done it without Xamarin.


  • MarcoSeraphinMarcoSeraphin DEMember, University

    Hi all,

    I wrote a location based app using Xamarin.Forms, some Custom renderer and different Dependency service implementations. (for send SMS message for example).

    Here is the iOS app "PickMeUp"

    And some days ago I managed to publish the Android and Windows Phone version to the stores.


    Windows Phone:


  • JamesMontemagnoJamesMontemagno USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    I recently published Bike Now (for pronto cycle) on Android. Pronto Cycle is a local bike share here in Seattle. I was able to take Jeremie's wonderful Moyue and adapt it to Seattle easily.

    I am making tons of changes to it and updating it with Wear support in the future as well.



  • I recently build an android app using Xamarin called Thorts. It's a mindfulness app that lets you keep track of your good and bad thoughts during the day with a tap of a button. Then at the end of the day you can review the total to see if you had more good thoughts or bad ones.


    I've also got an iPhone version which I'm porting to Xamarin.

  • GarryWhittaker.3919GarryWhittaker.3919 GBUniversity ✭✭

    My company appXib Ltd ( are now on our 7th Xamarin app - unfortunately most of these are under really tight NDA as we have developed them for corporate partners. We have produced apps for Windows, iOS and Android. We have worked with both native UI and Xamarin Forms and some esoteric things like bar code scanning. uPNP control and some pretty cool work with iBeacons.

    I can't say who our iBeacon app is for but it allows someone walking round a showroom looking at vehicles to be prompted with information about the vehicles and to request a salesman attends them by tapping their phone to a sign. All without any WiFi or Data usage.

    One app I can highlight is and This is all in Xamarin.Forms - getting the calendar to be performant was fun.

    Garry Whittaker
    Microsoft MVP
    Director of App Development - appXib

  • Hello community. I recently received my student license (big thanks for that Xamarin!) and wanted to create something simple to learn my way around Xamarin studio. I made a small uninstaller app for Android and put it on the Play Store.

    Having the component store and being able to read up on problems I ran into on the forums was a great help!

  • KevinAshleyKevinAshley USMember ✭✭

    Winter Sports

    Winter Sports web site

    Winter Sports is the official app of Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI). Beautiful GPS tracking, ski run analytics, snow reports for thousands of resorts, zoomable resort maps, activity tracking, customizable goals, a social network, leaderboards and ski lessons by snow pros. The app includes many innovations, including voice guidance and supports wearables.

    Active Fitness

    Active Fitness web site

    Active Fitness is a fitness, health and sport GPS tracking app and social network of more than a million users. Great for running, walking, cycling, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, urban sports, such as skateboarding, scooter and hundreds of other activities. Active Fitness motivates you by providing ways for sharing your activities with your buddies and friends. Active Fitness has leaderboards for any sports and activities and includes professionally designed training plans. Enjoy and stay fit!

  • PedroFernandesPedroFernandes PTMember ✭✭
    edited January 2015

    Hey there!

    My App is an Alarm Clock with a unique feature which is snoozing by slapping the phone (proximity).

    Check out the Promo Video:

    App URL:

    It is my first iOS app and i made it with the help of Xamarin Support. It is entirely truthfully that i wouldn't have created this app without Xamarin.

    I also appreciate the GIFT that Xamarin sent to me all way from the US to Europe (Portugal) given the success i had when i first released the app and presented it as my Final Course Project i also have mentioned Xamarin software as my biggest partner of the mileway/journey from just one idea to the final product of success. I basically promoted Xamarin at this point :)

    I look forward to keep working with Xamarin, incorporate with some possible enterprises and explore new products like Apple Watch (waiting for xamarin support).

    My Best Regards,
    Pedro Fernandes

  • cavecave BEMember ✭✭


    Gathering Friends Together but without organising.

    You want to get some friends together for dinner tomorrow evening, or grab drinks with a few colleagues after work, or look for a fourth player for your tennis game tonight …

    Up to you to start calling, mailing, messaging and before you know you’re entangled in an endless chain of messages that makes you wonder, “What have I done?”

    But planning events doesn’t have to feel like you’re herding cats … if you use djubble.

    Djubble lets you create activities on the fly and instantly send invitations. Your friends can RSVP with a swipe. Limit the number of seats and the first responders get the space – great for when you have only so many seats or tickets.

    Check out the site for more info: djubble

    and download the app to try it out! It's a free app!
    download from app store


    We have built this app in Xamarin iOS and posted it in the Apple App Store. On the server everything is smoothly running on Microsoft Azure.
    Now we are rewriting the app completely in Xamarin.Forms (iOS and Android) and it's almost finished.

    We hope to release the Xamarin.Forms version in a couple of weeks! Stay tuned!

    Also check out our company page: CaveBirdLabs for other apps we have built with Xamarin.

  • PhilipSharpPhilipSharp CNMember ✭✭
    edited January 2015

    I have developed some apps with Xamarin

    QuickPlan for iPad

    THE easy to use project planning app for iOS, with strong communication, synchronisation and integration supports.

    Preview video (short video):

    QuickPlan for iPhone

    THE easy to use project planning app for iOS, with strong communication, synchronisation and integration supports.

    Preview video (short video):


    OrgChart simplifies the creation of organization chart in TREE structure, by avoiding complex drawing - all at your fingertips with a minimum of effort and learning.

    Preview video (short video):


    Divide work elements, sketch out estimate, set target date and track cost

  • What a great promotion! So cool to see all the apps.

    Question: Do the app have to be released, or could it be in beta?

  • JamesMontemagnoJamesMontemagno USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    Beta is cool as well :) Show us what you are working on!

  • RussellCollinghamRussellCollingham GBUniversity ✭✭

    Movie Muddle

    Movie Muddle is a movie name letter game developed using Xamarin Forms and available in the iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows Phone stores.

    Guess the movie title from the letters provided. Each wrong letter loses you a life, earn more lives with correct answers.


    This was a fun app to develop. I used Xamarin Forms (1.2) in a shared project. The letter game has over 400 movie titles. I used Azure to store a database of questions and allow me to control various settings in the game. I developed Windows Phone first and submitted to store before moving on to Android/Amazon and then eventually iOS. The iOS version took almost 2 months extra of fine tuning to get the submission right as despite extensive testing on actual iphones/ipads with differing OSes some things in objective c had changed such as the local filestore location. I also got a rejection for using the Advertising Identifier when the reviewer couldn't see any adverts, this was overturned within a few hours once I pointed out where the adverts were. The slow cycle of submit, wait 10 days, fix an issue, submit, wait 10 days dragged on.

    I wrote custom renderers for the banner adverts and interstitial/video adverts. For Windows Phone I used the new Windows Ad Mediation component to control which ads are shown, I also cross-advertised using Ad Duplex to get more visibility. For Android I used AdMob for the banners but struggled to generate bindings for many of the full screen ad providers eventually settling on Chartboost and AdBuddiz. For iOS I used an ad mediator called AdTapsy which shows adverts from many different providers. Their iOS library was easy to bind and include in this project. I hope AdTapsy come out with an Android version soon (in their roadmap).

    I got the icons and music/sound effects from fiverr. I rolled my own Store Rating control which I released to Nuget and Github. I rolled my own function to handle different font sizes across different screens and devices so I could write once for Windows Phone and know the app would size correctly for all other devices.

  • RonnyBattyRonnyBatty GBMember
    edited January 2015

    So far, I've released 4 games on both iOS and Android, using Xamarin with MonoGame:

    Chaos Influx

    Finga Ninja

    Alpha Blitz

    Geo Wiz

    Chaos Influx has by far the most depth, with powerups, alien attack waves and boss fights. Chaos took around 3 months to complete on Android, and was then "ported" and released on iOS in a matter of days, thanks to Xamarin.

    All of the artwork was done by myself using Flash CS5, with sound effects purchased from various royalty-free sites and the 3 soundtracks created using eJay Dance. Here's a short promo video for Chaos Influx, running on a Motorola Moto G:

  • GautamJainGautamJain INMember ✭✭✭

    Very happy to launch Notezilla (Notes & Reminders) app for Android developed using Xamarin Forms. You can download Notezilla from Play Store.

    The notes & reminders created in this app syncs with our sticky notes app for Windows - Notezilla.

  • JimBennettJimBennett GBXamarin Team, Insider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭✭✭

    I've just had my app approved.

    Second screen for Plex. If you use Plex, this is an idea companion app. It shows you details of what you are currently watching, cast, crew etc. and an IMDB link. Saves the hassle of searching on IMDB. #FirstWorldProbems

    All built using Xamarin Forms and JimLib - my open source sort of application framework that is on GitHub at

  • Anydence4useAnydence4use CZMember
    edited January 2015

    **- Add text, photo, video or voice ‘pinpoints’ to any image.

    • Create a layered hierarchical system for a variety of purposes, including complex maintenance.
    • Export and email your creation to be viewed directly from a web browser.
    • AnyDence automatically creates and hosts HTML files on Dropbox for ease of use**


  • RodHowarth.5042RodHowarth.5042 AUMember, University ✭✭
    edited January 2015

    I've recently finished a project with Xamarin Forms:

    It's a mobile companion to - an online cricket coaching platform. Training schedules for teams are synchronised to the device, and the full video & image library is made available on mobile on both Android and iOS.

    Google Play link:

    iOS link:

  • xeoxeo NZMember

    My latest Xamarin app: ReadingPack official client for iPhone.

    It will be available in the App Store next week

  • RainerMagerRainerMager JPMember ✭✭✭
    edited February 2015

    Last week I released the Android version of my game. The iOS version was released in March of last year. Here are all the variations:

    1. Zoing iOS -
    2. Zoing Zero iOS (free with ads) -
    3. Zoing Android -
    4. Zoing Zero Android (free with ads) -

    You can also engage with Zoing at or

  • TreyCopelandTreyCopeland USMember
    edited February 2015

    Thanks to the help of folks on the forums, I was able to release a small little app called Life Hacks. Learned a lot about Xamarin.Forms and StackLayouts.

    Please support and download Life Hacks -

  • Raccoon Reader built with Xamarin is here
    And the free lite version of it is at review now.

  • AlexanderBrozAlexanderBroz DEMember

    I released Washer Alarm for Android just a few days ago. First it was made only for me, because I hated it to forgot my washer machine and tumbler in the cellar over night or I went down too early.
    Now I just start the app, press the big button and put the phone on the machine. After calibration the app analyzes machine movements and calls me when it reached idle mode seriously.

    I am also thinking to make a cross plattform version for Windows Phone or iOS but who will let his/her iPhone alone. So maybe only Windows Phone ;)

  • JavierSantosJavierSantos ESMember ✭✭

    I recently created Material ID for Android: a simple app to get some device information (version, bootloader, ID, CPU, codename, tags, battery status and percentage, connectivity, geolocation, etc) and test device features. It has a design inspired by Material Design.

    Material ID for Android

    Material ID is available on Google Play and GitHub,

  • JamesMontemagnoJamesMontemagno USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Developer Group Leader Xamurai
  • JavierSantosJavierSantos ESMember ✭✭

    @JamesMontemagno Your plugins are awesome! Thanks :smiley:

  • ChristianLind.2870ChristianLind.2870 DEMember
    edited April 2015

    We have also created an app with xamarin. It is named cloush whats stands for cloud share.
    The main idea is to share stuff stored in your Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive with people arround.

    You just choose a file, or a folder to share, and create a barcode with our app for it. Your partner scans the barcode and choose where to save it. We will now do the copy job.

    With our app it is fast and easy to share files or folders. You do not have to download or upload something with your smartphone, just generate a barcode.

    You can have a look at it at

    The hole app is build with latest Xamarin.Forms. We support android and iOS.
    Enclosed some android sceenshots.

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