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Streaming Voice between an iPhone and a computer

I am trying to setup a simple point to point audio streaming system which will allow me to send and receive audio (G.711 voice) between my iPhone and a Linux Box (as an example). It doesn't need to have fancy SIP features for initiation, joining/ chatting etc. and I just need to transport voice across a WLAN/ IP based network in real time.

Since both sides are under my control, I can set this up the way I want to. I want to use 3rd party libraries where I can for setting this up as quickly as possible.

I have tried to find RTP libraries for .NET but have had no luck so far. There is SIP.NET for SIP but it might not be what I am looking for, and there are no examples of how I can hook it up into the iOS media system and attach desired RTP headers .

Things I have already looked at briefly - and some of these are parts of the jigsaw, but I am unable to complete the picture here:

  1. Apple Documentation on AudioQueue
  2. PJSIP for iPhone
  3. Sound Recorder Example

I am quite new to iOS development, and I am from an Android Background. I guess I am trying to find something like for iOS which lets me stream out/ receive and play audio on the phone from another machine on the network.

Any recipes, suggestions, links to libraries would be much appreciated.


  • PaulKellyPaulKelly USMember ✭✭

    Did you have any luck with RTP on iOS?
    I would like to do the same !

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