Xamarin Visual Studio Integration

The announcement today mentions Visual Studio integration with Xamarin Starter Edition.

Can we assume that this will apply to Indie as well?


  • NeilWhitlowNeilWhitlow USUniversity ✭✭

    Please, please, please! Let Indie integrate with VS community edition at least, even if Indie won't integrate with Pro/Ultimate ,etc editions of VS.

  • I just heard from Miguel via Twitter.

    Unfortunately . . it will only be with the Starter Edition.

    Which makes no sense at all to me. Get people in and using Visual Studio with the Starter Edition and then when the small guy wants to upgrade he can't use Indie Edition with Visual Studio.

  • BillNalenBillNalen USMember

    Yep. Why not give up development resources on Xamarin Studio and focus on the other parts of the tool chain. It seems like they want to get people used to the VS.NET setup, then when their app gets a bit beyond toy apps they need to buy the Business Edition.

    Microsoft now has a great IDE (likely cross platform), an open source .NET stack on each platform, and a great build tool chain. Seems like they could just wrap the native API's and update their open source compilers and they wouldn't need Xamarin at all.

  • BillNalenBillNalen USMember

    After looking at the different levels I suppose there is no real incentive to upgrade to Business if Indie has VS.NET integration as well. Maybe differentiate the levels based on code size limits instead (like Starter to Indie is)?

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