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XSExtra - Synchronize Project Folder with File System command

BradRobinsonBradRobinson AUMember ✭✭✭

XSExtra now has a new command when right clicking on a project folder - "Synchronize with File System".

Not heavily tested, so use at your own risk but seems to be working well for me. I find it useful when adding a bunch of resources to an android project (particularly drawable images). Save resources from graphics editor to correct Drawable folder, right click Synchronize and build...

I'd like to update it to list out which files were added/removed, hence this post

From the readme:

Right click on a project folder and choose "Synchronize with File System" to update the project to match files found in the file system. New files will be added, missing files will be removed, linked files will be left alone.


  • Only available on sub-folders of the project - not the project itself, that seemed just a little to risky.
  • Newly added files will have a default build action as determined by Xamarin Studio/MonoDevelop
  • Renaming a file externally will work, but if it has a non-default build action that may need to be reset. (Since renaming a file is treated as remove/add file).
  • Files that are present both in the project and in the file system are not affected and therefore build action and other project properties are retained.

Get it here. Enjoy.


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