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Dont Start my App in the Emulator


i say it now sorry for my bad english.

I develop a android application with Xamarin Studion and C#. At friday 24.10.14 i begin with the trial of the business package. Now i start (today) to develope a application and to the begin of the application they came a screen with the text(on my application from yesterday, came the same text): "Build with evaluation software - This build work only for 24 hours."
And than close the application -.- what is this ????
Can i test my application with the Trial only 24 hours ??? And why he dont start my application from today (i copie the function from the application (yesterday) in the new, because they dont start too.) ???

I hope someone can help me...



  • JeffreyStedfastJeffreyStedfast USXamarin Team Xamurai

    You should just need to Rebuild when that happens. The idea is mostly just to prevent people from shipping apps using the trial version afaik.

  • Android_0211Android_0211 USMember

    How i can it Rebuild?

    I log out of xamarin, than he dont makes this Problem, but some libarys i can use only with Business or higher. And with the trial i want to test if the Business give me this what i need.

    But in the moment, iam a little bit angry, they want 999$ pro licens/in the year and there trial is not a real trial -.-

  • Android_0211Android_0211 USMember

    And now i want to connect to database and want to use SqlClient and i must be log in, and now he say againe the same and dont Start the application... OMG

    Please fix this bug fast !!!

    I dont can't test anyone with this Trial :(:(:(


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