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Content Pipeline, how do you build your content?

After fiddling a bit I succeeded in setting up a content project (monogame content project type from the monogame installer) with vs2010 that builds the proper .xnb files. By adding a reference to CocosSharp.Content.Pipeline.Importers (built from the source), I can select the proper content importers like 'CocosSharp - Plist'.

It works, but I'm finding the whole process (switching between visual studio 2010 & 2013) a bit cumbersome, so I'd like to have a setup that doesn't use visual studio 2010. Is that possible? Will the "XNA 4.0 Refresh (Visual Studio 2013)" at do the trick? Currently I can't create a MonoGame content project in VS2013 (missing project type).

And do I still need all the old XNA dependencies like XNA studio, Phone SDK 7.1.1, etc... or is the monogame installer and XNA 4.0 Refresh (Visual Studio 2013) sufficient?

Monogame also includes a standalone windows GUI tool to build content, which works for the 'standard' content types, is it possible to add the CocosSharp importers to that tool?

How do you guys setup your content build process for CocosSharp?


  • RamiTabbaraRamiTabbara AUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi Dominique,

    My suggestion for now would be to exclusively use the MG Pipeline tool or the underlying command line tool MGCB where adding custom importers is supported -- see here.

    But I agree the current approach is cumbersome and we'll look at ways to make this easier. Ideally, we want users to simply add native content to a VS project and not worry about manually building xnb files for different targets.

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