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PCL - I can see my public object, but not it's methods

I have a DLL I've compiled in VB on VS.2013. The DLL is called IPadTest and contains a single public class, DtaProject, with two public methods, Load and Save.

I copied this over to my Mac and opened it in Xamarin, where it appeared and imported into a test solution just fine.

I then went to the sample code's WillEnterForeground and entered...


Xamarin is happy with the IPadTest.DtaProject part, but when you type the next period all you get is Equals and ReferenceEquals. None of my methods appear.

Any ideas?


  • adamkempadamkemp USInsider, Developer Group Leader mod

    Autocomplete is not perfect. Try just typing in a method that you know exists and compile it. That's the true test. Sometimes autocomplete just stops working entirely for some types. Restarting the IDE may fix it, but not always. It's just not reliable.

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