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Creating a Cross-Platform Application Bar for Xamarin Forms with Calcium

DanielVaughanDanielVaughan CHMember ✭✭

I've just published the fourth installment of my Calcium for Xamarin.Forms series.

In this article you look at defining a custom AppBar in XAML; binding it to collections of command objects and at directly binding AppBar items to viewmodel properties. You see how to employ platform specific rendering to display an AppBar on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. You learn how the Calcium AppBar is multi-page aware and can be placed within multiple pages hosted in a CarouselPage or a TabbedPage. You see how to display a custom menu in iOS and Android. Finally, you look at how to register a custom platform-specific view renderer.

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  • CheesebaronCheesebaron DKInsider, University mod

    Would be awesome if you could make them feel more native. I.e. on Android you would never expect an AlertDialog with buttons appear when pressing an ActionBar item, but rather a Dropdown appearing from the item itself. It is a good start though, and with a bit more polishing it would be a great tool for Forms :)

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