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Xamarin Studio vs. Eclipse vs. Visual Studio vs. Android Studio



  • SKallSKall USMember ✭✭✭✭

    Cheapest 521 for $29 after MIR:

    Anyone doing mobile development with Xamarin and not doing WP8 yet should get one. I don't know if MS still offers the developer license for $19.

  • SteveFlackSteveFlack GBMember ✭✭
    edited March 2014

    btw Steve, do you know any good free IDE for iOS. I still prefer my Windows 7 over 8 machine. so, if the IDE can run in W7, that's even betta.

    @bob2014 To build for iOS you need a Mac. It's an Apple restriction and is also true of Xamarin (even if you use Xamarin in VS you still need a Mac to do the build). The "free" IDE is Apple's Xcode - which is Mac only.

    @SKall @rmacias The reason I suggested the Lumia 520 is that it is the biggest selling Windows Phone. Also it also has one of the lowest specs - if your code runs OK on that then probably it will be fine on the nicer phones. Test you code on what your users have...not what you'd like them to have.

  • bob2014bob2014 USMember

    @sami: thanks for the link. I just ordered one!! hahaha! can't resist the price. MetroPCS is now part of Tmobile. hopefully, after the unlocked process, I can use my Tmobile SIM. :-)
    and probably a good way to test my code for a lesser demanding hardware app.

    sadly, Tmob doesn't carry Lumia 1020. now, I want to concentrate on Android. thus, WP and iOS are not a priority at the moment.

    I've been busy for the past 3 days building the new machine. got it up and running!!
    yeeepeee!! just tested a bit of coding in Windows 8.1 for WP 8.0 and alpha 8.1.
    everything works according to plan!!

    as for the iOS, yes, I've been reading about XCoder. very nice designer. hopefully, it works as nice as its looks. :-) I will get the Lion disc next week and try to install it in VM. will work!! I tried it on my older machine a few years ago, it was a no go. hopefully, with the new hardware, I have better luck this time.

    well, just wanna update you guys what I've been doing for the past couple days. besides building the new machine, I rewrote the calculator in Eclipse from the ground up. but this time, I implemented actionBar, icons, fragment, sliding menu, building custom classes and interfaces, etc. and to throw in the fun, I decided to support 4 languages!! basically, I want to be more familiar with Android, Eclipse and Java land.

    as I'm coding in Eclipse, I'm thinking...Eclipse and Visual Studio are like driving an automatic and manual transmission vehicle. they both can get you to your destination but one requires more involvement from you. nonetheless, I enjoy using both VS and Eclipse at the moment. a lot of fun to learn and code for Android.

    what's amazing to me since I tried Windows CE 15 years ago. Android seems to be a fully mature API. of course, it's still evolving but it's mature enough to be competitive with the desktop market. since the API uses real computer language, anyone knew about OOP shouldn't have any problem pick it up at all. all in all, very happy with my journey.

  • bob2014bob2014 USMember

    btw, I just registered with WP for the $19 annual fee.

  • EidandEidand GBMember, University ✭✭✭

    Well done bob, looks like you're getting there. IK have the same feeling as you regarding Android coding. Over the weekend I managed to create a very simple Android app using Xamarin Studio and deployed it to my Nexus 7 tablet and it worked !

    That gives me the confidence to go and try other things next :). iOS and WP can wait for a bit

  • bob2014bob2014 USMember

    @Andrei: yep, it's fun when it works. :-) after this calculator exercise, I will create a "real" app. that's my $1 billion idea. :-) let's hope it'll become a reality. :p

    @Steve: the reason I wanted the Lumia 1020 b/c the "real" project that i'll be coding requires a lot of horsepower. I knew the Lumia 52x series will choke and die!! :-) but for $30? heck, I can't resist. install a $5 GPS offline map app and voila!! will use it as my car GPS device. :)

    I do a lot of work with graphic and video. I know a lesser powerful hardware can only bring the user agony. of course, every software requires a minimum hardware to run it. and it just happens that my "real" project will require A LOT of horsepower to run it.

    oh Steve, $500? wow! MS has dropped its price!! I paid moocha for VS 2012 when it first came out. thanks for the URL. I guess MS really feels the heat from its competitors. heck, they even fired their own CEO, right? :) and wasn't it used to be $100 annual fee for WP developer and we only get to keep 60%? I was so surprised when I saw $19 last week. heck, I signed up immediately even though I have no plan of releasing anything for WP. :p and oh, Microsoft announced last week a 70% reduction in licensing fee for OEM. so, I guess M$ really felt the heat. it's tough to compete with FREE, right? LOL!!

  • JuhaJuha FIMember

    I know I'm a little late to the game plus this is slightly off-topic, but since we're talking about Microsoft's license fees...

    If you have a privately held start-up that develops software/apps, is less than 5 years old, and makes less than $1M annually, you really should join Microsoft's BizSpark program. You'll get all Microsoft software and support for free for 3 years (up to 7 employees, I believe). And it doesn't cost you anything.

  • EidandEidand GBMember, University ✭✭✭

    if I were you, I'd keep an eye on newegg. I bought myself a beast of a computer for about $1500, over the course of about 2 months, buying things that were on offer :)

  • EidandEidand GBMember, University ✭✭✭


  • ChristopherDrososChristopherDrosos GRMember ✭✭
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    Does anyone is using the latest builds on Android Studio? im wondering how it goes compared to Xamarin. Google recently indroduce Memory monitor , looks very handy

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