Still can't copy/paste into Xamarin Studio

CorradoCavalliCorradoCavalli ITInsider, University ✭✭

Tried several times and found several old posts with the same request, hoped this was fixed but i still can't paste from any app into Xamarin Studio 5.1.4
No exception raised, paste simple does nothing.
Any idea/workaround?


  • mattwardmattward GBMember Xamurai

    I am guessing you are on Windows. There is an open bug in GTK# which intermittently breaks copy and paste from other applications into Xamarin Studio.

    However I have not had it happen all the time, just occasionally Xamarin Studio will get into this state of not pasting anything into the text editor. To fix it I would either restart Xamarin Studio or more simply, right click the tab of an open text editor window in Xamarin Studio, and select Copy file path/name. Then retry the copy and paste from the other application and it usually works. However if it is happening all the time for you then this workaround may not work for you.

  • CorradoCavalliCorradoCavalli ITInsider, University ✭✭

    Looks like an intermitten bug and restarting not always work, hope they'll fix it in next releases.
    Thanks for suggestions.

  • DarrenBurridgeDarrenBurridge USMember

    Looks like an intermittent bug to me also.

  • RichardPleaceRichardPleace GBMember
    edited October 2014

    Just noticed this happening to me today - Version 5.4 (Build 240)

    Update - PC reboot cured this. Strange - internal c&p was working but not from outside apps.

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