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StyledMultilineElement formatting change - whitespace on left / left indent - iOS8

RobBRobB GBMember

I've been using StyledMultilieneElements throughout a Monotouch Dialog app which have been working fine. When running the app in an iOS8 Emulator the format has gone to pieces and I'm now getting a heck of a lot of white space to the left of the text (which wasn't there previously). Has anyone encountered the same behaviour / got a solution?




  • I'm seeing it too. Could you please share your solution if you find it. Thanks, Alex

  • RobBRobB GBMember

    Hi Alex, not sure if you resolved this issue?
    I was subclassing StyledMultilineElement to change a few things including font and was generating elements typically with the following :

    StyledMultilineElement ("","My Text in here" ,UITableViewCellStyle.Value2)

    Leaving the caption empty as I only wanted the text and using the Value2 styling which had the caption above and the text below.

    Changing it to

    StyledMultilineElement ("My Text in here" ,"", UITableViewCellStyle.Default)

    resolved the issue for me as the Default config generates the label left-aligned.

    Hope this helps.

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