Grid view for Mac, similar to Finder


I am developing an application on OS X where I want to present content both in list format and as a grid of icons. My interface is very much like Finder. I have a navigation pane to the left and a content pane to the right. I want to display a grid of icons similar to that you see in Finder. I want the icons to be 64x64 and a two line text field below.

In my first attempt I used the NSCollectionView control and I have gotten it to display my content as I want it. But there's a ton of downsides to this solution. First of all, and most importantly, is that it's extremely slow. My collection is several thousands of objects and this takes several seconds to render. That is just not acceptable.

Secondly, NSCollectionView seems to lack a lot of basic functionality. There's no selection for example. I'll have to implement this myself.

So then I figured I could check out the component store for Xamarin. But I can't find anything. It seems most components are for mobile stuff and not desktop. Do you have any suggestions? Or maybe there's another way to go about this?

Thankful for any help!


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