Xamarin.IOS nag screen when building Android App


I have a business license for Xamarin Android and develop within visual studio 2012. I was recently prompted to update the Xamarin plugin, and did so, now whenever I go to build my Android application I get a nag screen about how Xamarin.IOS can only be used in visual studio with a business license - I don't want an IOS business licenses, I don't want to develop for IOS at all, and I especially don't want to be going through these nag screens that are unrelated to my program or platform each time I hit the build button!

I always click the 'Continue using starter edition ..' option, but it doesn't seem to remember this option next time when I build - so back to the same nag screen. This is getting old very quickly. Any solutions?



  • mkvonarxmkvonarx USMember
    edited September 2014

    Same happens to me every time I make a build, rebuild or deploy of my Android app. Really annoying. Please fix or provide a workouarnd soon! My versions: Xamarin, Xamarin.Android
    Update: same behavior (bug) with Xamarin

  • KaiFriisKaiFriis NOMember ✭✭
    edited September 2014

    Sort of the same problem. Only I try to build a windows phone app in Visual Studio an get a nag screen about Xamarin.Android. Well more like a demanding screen since I can not build at all without the business license. I have an indie license and could previously build windows phone apps using Xamarin.Forms in VS and use Xam studio for iOS and Andorid. Is this a bug or change of rules?

  • An update to the VS plugin with a fix is now available. Things are working for me as expected again after updating. Thanks Xam.

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