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TifooTifoo FRMember


I would like to make a repeatable background for my game.
I checked the web and the "old" techniques with cocos2D using Texture2D TexParam are not available in 3.0 (it's now in a private header, CCTexture_Private.h).

I did not found a workaround in XNA implementation.

How can I achieve this ?

Thanks for your help

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  • TifooTifoo FRMember

    It works fine thanks, but I still have a problem.
    My background should be infinitely scrollable while player move around.
    How can I add this? (Even if I make my CRect for my sprite huge, it's not infinite and it feels bad for performance..)

  • TifooTifoo FRMember

    Thanks! I'll work on this :)

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