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Forms project iOS with VS 2013 Method not found: 'Xamarin.Forms.BindableObjectExtensions.SetBinding

MarcoSeraphinMarcoSeraphin DEMember, University
edited August 2014 in Xamarin.Forms


I have a Forms project with a iOS native app which runs perfectly with XamarinStudio on the Mac.
If I copy the project to Windows/Visual Studio 2013 SP2 and start the iOS project I get this error:

--> System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Xamarin.Forms.BindableObjectExtensions.SetBinding'.

I am using MVVM with binding, no XAML.

No change to debug.

This is the code where the exception occurs:

public static class App
        public static Page GetMainPage()
            var employeeViewModel = new EmployeeViewModel();

            var mainNav = new NavigationPage(new StartPage(employeeViewModel)); // here the exception pops up
            return mainNav;

Any ideas ?




  • CraigDunnCraigDunn USXamarin Team Xamurai

    usually errors like that mean the Xamarin.Forms NuGet isn't the same version in all the projects. When you copied the project over, did you copy the /packages/ folder exactly, or did you need to refresh/update the NuGet packages?

    Certainly anything that works on Xamarin Studio should also work on Visual Studio. Other things to check: is it the same Xamarin release 'channel' on both computers (ie. both on Stable, Alpha or Beta; and at the same version of Xamarin).

  • MarkWallisMarkWallis AUMember

    I had the error and different nuget packages...problem WAS fixed when I made sure all were on the same version.


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