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Custom font issue when deployed to an iPad

We're currently experiencing a problem with using custom fonts in our app.

Specifically we're trying to make use of FontAwesome.ttf for our icons. We have added the font to the resources folder and have set the build action for the file to BundleResource ** and **Copy always

Since we're using Visual Studio the entry to register the fonts on Info.plist is as follows:


Anyway this all works fine when we run the ios ipad simlulator, no problem at all. However now that we have deployed the app to an actual ipad the app crashes at the point we begin using FontAwesome....Strange.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Are we not registering the font properly?

Cheers, Will


  • WillCarsonWillCarson USMember


    For some reason putting the FontAwesome.ttf file in the root of the app (ie not in resources) and setting the build action to Content fixed it. Boom.

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