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Have had an indie subscription for a year, it expired but according to terms "subscriptions are indefinite". Says I need to deactivate a computer, haven't activated one. No phone number, no chat, what a mess.


  • And of course, still no response. This really confirms my decision to not renew my subscription. Xamarin is great at screwing over their customers. As expensive as their products are, you'd think they could at least provide a chat and/or phone line (BOTH of which they used to have). Every month the support and ease of use gets worse. Don't buy into their terms of use - their software is obviously made to break at a moment's notice when they want to. In the time it would take you to learn MT.D, or Xamarin.Forms, you can just learn the native pieces.

    Learning Java is a piece of cake from C#, and getting used to XCode is definitely worth it compared to this junk. Can't afford to lose any more time + money on this half-baked software.

  • Still nothing, 30 min time completely lost. I tried purchasing a $25 monthly extension, but see below.

    Aside from the fact that I didn't do an update (so my software that I BOUGHT should still work):

    Gives a 404!!

    All I can say is to people trying this out:
    RUN. When I bought this over a year ago, it was really nice to use. I was even going to renew my subscription when I needed to (like the next version of iOS came out). However, after using it for a year, I came to the following conclusions:

    1) It's pretty buggy. Several times you have to "close and restart", or actually go into the native tools (XCode, AVD manager, etc.)
    2) As mentioned above, learning the native tools takes about the same amount of time to learn Xamarin's custom stuff.
    3) Also as mentioned above, as a long term product this is entirely unreliable.
    4) As you can see, forget being able to get some support.

    As much as my initial look at Objective C turned me to staying with C#, now it's a no-brainer.

    I have a screenshot of this forum, and I suggest contacting me ASAP. Please pass this on to your CEO -- whoever is VP of dev is shooting this product in the head. I for one will no longer be developing with Xamarin.

  • AndyFlisherAndyFlisher GBBeta, University ✭✭✭✭

    Erm, the forums are for community support, I don't think Xamarin have ever claimed to monitor every post, let alone respond within 30 minutes - not sure where you got that idea from.

    Equally if you look on the bottom left of this page there is a phone number and an email address, I've found them really - [email protected]


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