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Looking for Experienced Xamarin Developer/Freelancer

EtheraelEtherael USMember

I am involved in a potential project for State of Ohio, and I am looking to partner with a Xamarin developer that could develop a cross-platform App. My need is IMMEDIATE. I am guessing based on the spec's in the scope of work that it will require about 3 months of coding work. The App will be simple yet informative. It will be to assist others with health concerns, and to provide daily notifications to their phones/tablets/PC's on health issues involving the user of the App, and to also allow the user to interact with other users via some form of App specific, forum/chat.

The project will be discussed in detail upon contacting me directly at [email protected]. At which point I will share the full scope of work issued by the State to you for your review, and decision as to whether you can assist on the project.

I also estimate a compensation package ranging in the neighborhood of 10k for the developer able to work with me on the implementation of the App.

Best to all, and I look forward to speaking with all interested parties.


  • _ab__ab_ TWMember ✭✭

    I assume you have a spec written to give to the developer to ensure they maintain HIPAA and
    other regulatory requirements in their app.

  • EtheraelEtherael USMember

    I have specs for the project, yes. As far as HIPAA requirements and such, all work and potential work goes before a board of State officials in the area of health care for their approval before implementation. So everything would be first reviewed, then revised if need be before implementation.

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