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We are very excited to announce that we are now offering Xamarin Indie edition as a month-to-month subscription for just $25/month. As always, Xamarin Indie edition is available to companies with fewer than five employees.

At just $25 per month for iOS or Android, Xamarin Indie makes it incredibly easy to build and ship native mobile apps written in C#, with an extremely affordable price point accessible to anyone.

This offer is available as an experiment through August 31, 2014. We’ll decide whether to extend this offering to new customers depending on what happens in August, but if you sign up for a subscription in August, you can stay on a month-to-month plan as long as you like.

Go get yours today!

More details in the full article, Xamarin Indie Now $25/Month, on the Xamarin blog.



  • RichardHopkinsRichardHopkins JPMember, University ✭✭✭

    For developers who pay annually, are there any plans to give a small discount, e.g. 10%, for paying the whole year upfront. Many companies who offer lump-sum vs. monthly payments offer this kind of scheme.

  • Danny_GloverDanny_Glover IEMember

    Awesome news! I just signed up to the monthly deal.

    Thank you so much for making Xamarin more accessible to us Indie developers & small studios!

  • AdamZucchiAdamZucchi USUniversity, Developer Group Leader ✭✭✭

    In one of the FAQ's listed, the following is stated:
    You must purchase the same type of subscription for all platforms. For example, if you already have an annual subscription of Xamarin Indie iOS, you cannot add a month-to-month subscription of Xamarin Indie Android.

    I'm currently on an annual Xamarin Indie iOS plan, and am very interested in moving to the Indie monthly subscription model. My annual iOS plan does not expire until November, so how can I take advantage of getting a monthly subscription to Xamarin Indie Android prior to my November renewal?


  • GautamJainGautamJain INMember ✭✭✭

    This is a great news indeed! Thanks for making it more affordable.

    Hope you will keep this ON even after August 31st!

  • MarianoContiMarianoConti MXMember

    Is this only for iOS and Android? I cannot select Mac for monthly, only annual.

  • BillNalenBillNalen USMember

    I'm guessing it's for Xamarin Studio only? i.e. if I sign up for the monthly deal I won't be able to use the Visual Studio integration? I really, really want this piece. I'm trying to cut down on the number of languages, APIs and IDEs I need to be using.

  • BillNalenBillNalen USMember

    Sorry, I didn't look first. I see the business edition monthly offering now. Thanks.

  • KevinNewmanKevinNewman USMember ✭✭

    Yearly is $299, and monthly is $25, $25 * 12 months = $300 - if you buy yearly, you get a savings of $1.00!!! :-)

  • BillNalenBillNalen USMember

    Okay, I've looked over the pricing page and I'm confused. I'm getting ready to port an app I wrote natively for iOS and Android to Xamarin. Let's say I sign up now for $83 / month (I want vs.net integration) and spend 3 months converting my app. Now Xamarin decides their experiment didn't work. I now have to pay $2000 to keep developing? The FAQ says the monthly license ceases when I stop paying whereas I could buy the previous license once and continue using it without paying further.

    I appreciate that I shouldn't be able to keep a license forever after paying just $83 x 3 in my example, but as a contract developer I need to have a better handle on future costs. The only reason I haven't paid the $2000 already is because I couldn't come up with justification for the cost right now based on the contract work I'm doing. $83 / month is much easier to absorb but not without knowing the downside if Xamarin decides to cancel the program.

  • JamesMontemagnoJamesMontemagno USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    @nalenb monthly pricing is only for Xamarin Indie. As you can see on the store Business and Enterprise list the monthly cost that is bill annually.

  • JosephHillJosephHill USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hello Bill
    We're only doing this experiment with Xamarin Indie. Xamarin Business and Enterprise editions are only available as an annual subscription, and we do not foresee ever offering those as a monthly subscription. The monthly calculation is only shown in the store so that customers can compare pricing at the different tiers.

    To answer your question in regard to monthly Indie subscribers, if you start a month-to-month Indie subscription in August, you can keep paying month-to-month, even if we do not extend the offer.

    There are some more details about how all of this works in the FAQ at the end of the blog article.

    Hope that helps

  • NealCulinerNealCuliner USBeta ✭✭✭

    I would like to see:

    1) Merge Indie and Business to a "Professional" subscription level just like VS 2013 Professional. Requiring Business for WCF, in which your WCF implementation is extremely limited at that is tough to swallow. It's a big jump in price for a minor feature gain. Or consider moving WCF into Indie. Ultimately, these two just need to be merged.
    2) Minimize the number of tiers as there is so little differences at your lower levels and you're pricing is really limiting, even with this change, your developer community. Go for volume vs. price please
    3) Introduce a universal subscription, i.e. not price per platform or $25/month/platform which I assume it is. Merge it into one affordable option possibly for mobile (iOS + Android) or Xam.Universal which is all three (iOS, Android, Mac). As you know Apple's tools are free and VS's are far more affordable with much more functionality, i.e. what VS Professional offers a developer.

    All of this really doesn't affect me as I've been with Xamarin since the beginning, however, as I try to hire sub-contractors to help me which helps you the price of your tools is always the issue. I typically absorb these costs for them and pay the Xamarin bill which technically subs are supposed to come to the job with their tools but if I can't get them to pay this then we both lose. I can't afford to pay for them $999/year/platform/developer (sub) and with the limitations in Indie that doesn't work for me either as we use WCF extensively.

    Please continue working hard to ensure your tools are in every developer's hands. I'm glad to see the effort but we're not there yet.

  • BillNalenBillNalen USMember

    Okay, I guess I misread the pricing page. I guess I'll go back to the contract holders and see what they think.

  • So here are my questions:

    1) So with an annual indie subscription if you let it expire you can still do builds (you just don't get new updates). With a monthly indie subscription if you let it expire you can't do builds. This I get completely and it makes sense. You can't have someone just pay $25 whenever they feel they need an upgrade. So here's my question. If you're on the monthly subscription for 12 months consecutively, you've paid the same as an annual subscription (except broken up into 12 easy payments). At this point would a monthly subscriber qualify to be able to continue to make builds if they stopped their subscription?

    2) Indie annual can be upgraded to business annual and have the amount already paid subtracted off the price. Is there something similar for an upgrade from indie monthly to indie annual (or potentially even indie monthly to business annual)?

  • BonnieBonnie USMember

    Is that $25/month per platform and per developer? Or is it $25/month per platform (for all developers in the "fewer than 5 employee" company)?

  • DaveHuntDaveHunt USMember ✭✭✭✭✭


    It's per platform, per developer. 3 developers = $75 per platform.

  • BonnieBonnie USMember

    Thanks for the clarification, @DaveHunt‌ .

  • thylaxenethylaxene AUMember

    IMHO sorry this a isn't subscription like Adobe or Epic does (reasonable monthly outlay for access to ALL), this more like a payment plan really. When I read the blog title I went YES! $25 per month forever for ALL of Xamarin's Indie products. Not $25 per month per product, I might as well pay for the yearly subscription. I've let my yearly expire and haven't yet decided if I'm going to pick it up again. But for $25 (or even a bit more) per month forever for all platforms I would've got the CC out and signed up.

    Please go back to drawing board if you are really going to offer monthly subscription, look at what other companies offer for their price and reconsider please. $50 per month for ALL Adobe products, $20 (+5%) per month for access to a complete game middleware that makes AAA games in the right hands.

    Like the direction Xamarin is going but would like to see a braver attempt at a monthly subscription model please.


  • GautamJainGautamJain INMember ✭✭✭

    Just one question: Will I be able to build apps for Windows Phone (Xamarin Forms) just using the Indie license?

  • EidandEidand GBMember, University ✭✭✭

    It's a start, albeit a very anemic one.

    Indie is a start however serious developers are going to stay with Visual Studio. Until that gets more available to the masses you still won't conquer the dot net world.
    Unfortunately, if Xamarin keep waiting, you guys will lose the war. Just to give you a heads up, Telerik is working on a javascript framework that can access ALL native functionality. And that's just one example.
    Personally, because of the high cost of Xamarin, i went another route for a big CRM I built. Instead of Xamarin, I used Kendo UI, with MVVM and the result was very good. All the code behind is C#, the project is a combination of KendoUI mobile, MVC and it runs everywhere, tested so far on Ipads, Android tables and windows tablets. The cost was much cheaper and there is only one codebase and one UI for everything. Oh and Telerik released Kendo UI Core which is free by the way.

    Yes there are a few developers who are happy to pay the fees, however the vast majority are not. The number of developers you have is not increasing as much as you'd like and I wonder how many from those 600k are actually paying developers. I am willing to bet the percentage is not that high.

    All in all it's a shame, because Xamarin could have been the answer and could have done so much better.

  • FunbitFunbit RUMember

    People actually say smart things... if Visual Studio support is not going to be available in the Indie subscription in the near future (it should be there yesterday already) you may lose the cross platform war... In spite of the the rumors that "HTML5" can't substitute native user experience, latest solutions actually show that it can... And even though I like .NET platform so much I had to choose a "HTML5/JS" (rewriting all the code from the scratch) solution for my app just because I couldn't afford Business license which supports Visual Studio, which in its turn is the killer feature for me (and all C#.NET world, if you didn't notice already).
    PS. I would be happy if Xamarin finally gets purchased by the Microsoft and included in the Visual Studio, because it's more affordable...

  • TrevorYoung.4938TrevorYoung.4938 USMember
    edited August 2014

    @GautamJain‌ The requirement for doing windows mobile apps is to have Visual Studio. If you want, it is feasible to have a project that you open in Xamarin Studio to work on Android and iOS, and then open in Visual Studio to work on Windows Phone. (This would allow you to use the indie license. I'm not completely sure how easy it would be to use Xamarin Forms for Windows in this situation, but I think that it's doable.) But the process is much simpler if you have Visual Studio integration and can do everything in one place. (This requires the business license. )

  • I don't see why this is an "extremely affordable" price. The monthly payment sums up to the same amount as the yearly subscription (actually 1,00$ more) which existed before. And it is still per platform and per developer.
    You should really consider to provide a better offer for small businesses. This could be a way to attract more customers for the business and enterprize plans.

  • JoelFungJoelFung ATMember

    Totally agree. I personally think that current prices are fine for companies or development teams that earn money developing stablished apps or creating new ones. However there are tons of hobby coders who just want to develope something for mobile devices that do not earn or get any huge income out of there licenses. For those there should be a different option or even better.... a free license for free app development only. Those who want to earn money should purchase other licenses instead.

  • nodoidnodoid GBMember, Beta ✭✭✭

    @Patrick_Schimmel‌ - the affordability issue can be thought of like this. Say you're looking to try a new technology and are either on a limited budget or are part of a larger company who has never done this sort of thing, but has a fair amount of .NET (C#) knowledge. $25 per month for (say) 4 months is a heck of a lot more affordable than paying $300 and then not using the remaining $200 worth as it's not what you need after all. In that sense, "losing" $100 is more affordable than $300 and even better than shelling out for the business or enterprise versions which may not be what you're after.

    For me, I use Xam.iOS and Xam.Android for around 16-18 hours a day 6 days a week, so it's a not going to be for me but for those wanting to try it and have greater idea of the power behind the system, $25 per month is a damned good deal.

    @Eidand‌ - yes, telerik are offering their solution but it requires a few things; firstly knowing JS and secondly having the same base level of JS available on all devices. Remember, different versions of Android will ship with different versions of webkit (I am assuming they are going to use webkit rather than their own internal parser bound to the native system) and the versions of webkit on Android may or may not line up with iOS and whatever windows mobile uses. Free has it's uses and I have no doubt that as with phone gap or other such solutions, there will be those championing this, I would hazard that the level of support will not be the same as you get with Xamarin - which is what costs.

    @Funbit‌ - cross platform war? There isn't one. MS aren't in competition with the Android or iOS area; they leave that to the experts in the field. Xamarin aren't in competition with MS - they work together on a quite a few things to ensure that .NET is used on as many devices as possible. It's in neither companies interest to move into the other companies domains, but in both companies interests to work together. HTML5 may be able to deliver some interesting things, but it is at the mercy of the browsers (pretty much the same issue as the telerik offering). As to offering the VS plugin with indie, never say never.

    @GautamJain‌ - Xam.Forms is available from nuget, so should be available to use with VS. I've not seen anything anywhere that says that you can't use Xam.Forms on the indie licence

  • FusionGamerFusionGamer USMember
    edited August 2014


    My problem with Xamarin's new so called "affordable" plans is that they aren't affordable at all. They're the same price. What's even worse, is that I cannot take advantage of them because I'm an existing license user. Wow, seriously? What a way to fuck your existing customer base!

  • nodoidnodoid GBMember, Beta ✭✭✭

    @FusionGamer‌ I don't see how this messes with the current customer base. If you're on starter, you can upgrade to the $25 per month indie version. If you're on business or enterprise, why would you want to downgrade? If you're wanting that badly to use the indie version, why not just contact Xamarin and ask to move your sub type?

  • JoeProJoePro CAUniversity ✭✭✭

    This is great news, although not for me. Good job guys, nice to see you're trying to cater to as many people as possible.
    But I can't believe all the negative comments in this thread. Every single time Xamarin announces something you people find something to complain about. It really does make you sound like a bunch of whiny self-entitled people.

  • FunbitFunbit RUMember

    @nodoid Okay, maybe "war" word is too big, but what I meant is that, as you said: "MS and Xamarin are working to ensure that .NET is used on as many devices as possible", but it is not the case now. In order to achieve that, ideally, Xamarin tools should be free and maybe even open source, just like ASP.NET or Roslyn. Of course, while Xamarin is a separate company it may not be possible, we all understand that, but current pricing plan is not an option either. Obviously it was designed mosly for the Enterprise. Also, what is the point of paying separately per platform? For me it is as weird as somebody would be selling HTML5 framework per each browser available in the market, it kills the meaning of cross platforming isn't it?
    Anyway.. to summarize all said above, the pricing plans should be reconsidered at least in the following ways: [1] VS support should be included in ALL paid subscriptions (because VS is the place where C# programs are created) [2] Subscription price should be decreased to $20-$30 for ALL platforms for the Indie license and maybe $100 for ALL platforms for the Professional license. That would finally make sence for me and others (judging by the comments) allowing the Xamarin platform to compete with other technologies (and that is what I called the war).
    I really really hope that somebody will listen to our suggestions...

  • PhilSeemanPhilSeeman USMember ✭✭

    It was asked earlier in this thread but I haven't seen an answer: for people who currently have an Indie subscription (mine expires in September), is there a way we can switch to monthly when our subscription expires?

    Also: how will you handle the case where someone uses the monthly Indie subscription for say 4 months, then stops, then comes back say 3 months later and wants to start up the monthly Indie again? (This latter question assumes of course that the decision is made to continue offering the monthly option.)

  • FusionGamerFusionGamer USMember


    The fact that you needed to post that makes you sound like part of the "Xamarin can do no harm" elite club.

    The reason we're complaining is that the "new" pricing isn't really new and that it's only for the Indie level subscription. The pricing page is also deceiving. The Business and Enterprise plans are NOT monthly.

  • EidandEidand GBMember, University ✭✭✭

    they did say it's going to be re-evaluated. I am guessing quite a few people will take them up on this offer and it will probably get extended, in which case the situation PhilSeeman asks about will probably be available. But that's just a guess at this point :)

  • nodoidnodoid GBMember, Beta ✭✭✭

    @PhilSeeman‌ - simple answer, as the trial is only for a short period (end of August), I'd say it would depend on uptake.

    @Funbit‌ - I'd have to disagree with you that VS is where C# is developed. While I have VS2013 on various virtual boxes and my Win7 box, I rarely use it; personally I find it to be overkill. For me, the simplicity yet power of XS is my choice, so for Mac users, I'd not say VS is the dev system of choice ;)

    Now as for tool sets being free (or open sourced), this is never going to be an option. Xamarin is way too small to be able to offer it so their decisions are based on standard business choices - it's the old one of what is enough to keep the company ticking over to what is enough to provide the levels of service etc, that is provided and keep enough back to fund development. MS have deep pockets, but have been around since 1974 so can afford zero end cost tool chains. Xamarin are a young company who has seen massive growth but with rapid growth comes costs.

    Over the single price for both products, think along the lines of this. You go to a gas station and buy coffee and fuel. They are different products and you don't get a discount because you've bought them from the same place. You buy VS and MS Office[*], made by the same company, but you don't get a discount. The same applies to Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Mac. Three different products. You could argue that they're based on mono which is free, but then Office and VS are based on .NET which is also free so by that argument VS and Office should be free.

    Let's turn it around though. MSDN is not a free service; it costs quite a bit in fact. Xamarin are committed to providing tutorials, sample apps (not just sample code) and a public bug reporting facility as well as all the other bits and pieces on top as well as the API documentation for free. They also provide support for upcoming releases on the day the new operating system versions are released. MS doesn't have this problem as they own their own OS.

    So while it may be a costly affair to buy iOS and Android and Mac products, you are buying 3 different products which have 3 different sets of support and documentation requirements (try using the Apple docs for Xam.iOS or Xam.Mac and you'll soon understand what I'm getting at!) and also requires 3 different skill sets to bind the non .NET languages to .NET and this sort of skill isn't cheap.

    [*] This assumes you don't have any sort of MS discount through biz spark or promotional deals

  • JoelFungJoelFung ATMember
    edited August 2014

    Now that XAML and MVVM are supported(the only reason that made me purchase a license) the only thing i would like to see in the future is the posibility to develope Linux applications as well. As for licenses i think separated licenses per plattform should be done in a different way like OSX+iOS, Linux+Android and WP+W8. I've talked with a hell bunch of hobby developers that would love to use Xamarin but due to the insane prices they decided just to stay away. For example being a OSX and iOS developer you will need to purchase 2 licenses which is silly in my opinion.


    For you as a early adopter is something bad but that's how a hell bunch of things work in a business enviroment. I hope you get some kind of refund at least. However the current plans are great in many ways even if the price is pretty much the same. The reason for that is because you don't have to waste a year subscription if you just want to develope a small application or just check out if Xamarin is good for you. In my case for example the only reason why i purchased a license is because of XAML + MVVM support. If those two aren't supported there is not a single reason for me to waste my time with Xamarin. After reading that those two are finally supported i was still a bit skeptical to how extent both are supported. Now imagine i buy a yearly subscription and find out that the current support is not what i expected to be..... i would be very pissed by now. In the other hand if i just have to pay 25 bucks to find out that is not for me i would be pissed too but probably will just move on as the lost isn't big.

    Personally i hope they keep the current plans but wish the price will be reduced for single developers at least.

  • nodoidnodoid GBMember, Beta ✭✭✭

    @aruantec‌ - only two small issues with Linux - which distro do you support and Linux bods don't like paying (I know this from using Linux for more years than I have any other OS)?

    Think of it this way.

    Say you take SuSE, Fedora and Ubuntu. Fedora moves faster than pretty much any Linux distro so it's a hard target to ensure things don't break and work as they should, plus recompiles for newer versions of the libraries they're bound to - the list goes on. Do you then say, ok, not Fedora but RHEL, slower turn around, so less of a target, but then you lose Fedora users (for a long time I looked after Mono on Fedora so remember well the hours spent trying to keep things up to date).

    Support for more than 1 distro increases costs exponentially, but then not supporting more than 1 distro gets users backs up. I can't see any company giving away their crown jewels to the open source community so they can support it either....

  • JoelFungJoelFung ATMember
    edited August 2014


    You have a very good point there but i think that having a base support for Linux could bring some more developers. I know that Linux developers don't want to pay money but there are for sure people who are willed to pay as well(those switching from Windows/OSX to Linux). I was mostly talking about distros the like of Elementary(which i would love to give a try) or Ubuntu. I can use Mono to develope for free but having proper XAML + MVVM support under Linux would be nothing but awesome.

    Think about this... there are tons of developers out there that would love to switch to Linux but since they are used to Windows development is kinda hard to switch and use a whole different enviroment. Xamarin is just perfect for that as you will be using a different enviroment but still be able to code and use technology and tools you are used to from Windows.

  • FunbitFunbit RUMember
    edited August 2014

    I understand your point about Linux and MacOS, of course, Visual Studio is not available on these platforms. I was just talking about the majority, because most of Xamarin users are people that have C#/NET experience on Windows and want to expand on other platforms (thus, contributing to C# "crossplatformness").
    Maybe you are right about Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS being total different products, but I don't understand how including VS support into the Indie license may do any harm. You could cut the support for the VS plugin, for example, I personally don't care about the support, I just want to be able to use the tools I love :( (and it's not just VS, there are many plugins like ReSharper or OzCode...), eh..

  • LogieUrquhartLogieUrquhart GBMember

    Yay !

    Thanks guys... the lower cost of entry means I can now use xamarin for development.

  • JosephHillJosephHill USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi @FusionGamer
    Thanks for buying Xamarin.Mac.

    With this new pricing option, we're really trying to provide an affordable entry point for Indie developers that may have been holding back from purchasing Xamarin.iOS or Xamarin.Android because they don't want to make the upfront commitment. This isn't the case with current customers in general, but we're definitely not out to hurt existing customers.

    Can you drop me an email so I can get this taken care of for you? [email protected]

    Thank you

  • JosephHillJosephHill USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi @PhilSeeman‌ and @AdamZucchi‌
    We haven't announced anything programmatic for expiring customers, and of course we're really evaluating how the pricing option performs in August, but if you're subscription is expiring and the month-to-month option is significantly more appealing to you, please drop me an email and we'll figure out what makes sense: [email protected]

    Regarding having the option to stop and restart the subscription: Obviously we think it makes more since for developers to maintain a current subscription, but (on the assumption we continue to have a month-to-month option) I can see no reason why we wouldn't want to enable a customer that had discontinued their Xamarin subscription to subscribe again.

    Hope that helps

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