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Will XS pick up the SVN bindings and such for an existing project? I have a Xamarin.Android project that I have created in Visual Studio and am saving to a SVN repository with Ankhsvn. Everything works great. When I open the solution in XS, I don't see anything that looks like bindings shown in the UI. Does XS provide any UI support for SVN? Do I need to do something to enable SVN support? I am running on Windows 8.1, XS 4.0.14. X.Android latest beta. Any ideas are appreciated.



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    On Windows, we have support for Subversion 1.7. 1.8 is not supported yet. It can be enabled in the AddIn Manager under Version Control -> Subversion.

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    I should add that my install of Tortoise does see the svn bindings.

    In XS, when I go to the Add-in manager, the SVN Add-in appears to be enabled. I don't see anything in XS that looks like it understands that the files are. I'm wondering if the problem is that the AnkhSVN setup is producing a 1.8 version and you need 1.7. Is there any way to check on this? I'm an SVN newb.

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    SVN version was a problem with MD as well. Check out the same repository from XS directly and try to open it with AnkhSVN and you might get a message prompting you to upgrade the repository. This was the only way (upgrade) to use command line SVN on a Mac back when I still used SVN.

  • I need to support SVN too.
    In my company everything is published in your owner svn server.
    I love this in XS.

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    svn is currently 1.7 on XS. Personally, I use svnx and subversion from macports to ensure I can use the same repos on the PC as well as the Mac.

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