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need explanation on MasterDetail's Detai BindingConext

zloidooraquezloidooraque USMember
edited June 2014 in Xamarin.Forms

i've read this article

there is some undefined class NamedColorPage and Detail page is created using it. then, when item menu selected BindingContext of it is set to NamedColor

so, how this undefined class NamedColorPage may look like to utilize presented interface?

as i understand, it uses some internal bindings.
let it has Label, so we change its background:

we have to write somewhere in NamedColorPage: SetBinding(label.BackgroundColor, ...................)

what do we need instead of dots? how to set up the class?
please no XAML, i will learn it later. for now i don't have knowledge. besides it's so ugly, i like code behind more for now =))


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