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Is it possible to use Forms with a Native Android Project ?

Hi All,

I'm working on one Android project.
We have some simple screens with controls like TextView, Button, Images.
We have some complex screens like custom ListViews, Charts, Graphs etc. as well.
My fellows here came with the idea of developing Simple screens in Xamarin Forms & the complex ones with charts & all using Native Android development in Xamarin.
I did some exploration on it & found out that, we can't use Forms with any other type of Native apps (say Android/iOS).
Either you have to completely with Forms development or native Android/iOS development.

But people here looking for some solution for this.
So, is it possible to develop a solution like the requirements I mentioned ?
We are interested in 50% development in Forms & 50% in native android.

Let me know your views on this.

Thanks & Regards,

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  • Thats nice ! i'me going to try this to use native map system instead of the froms.maps. thank you for the idea :-)

  • BenkoBenko USMember ✭✭

    How about going the other way? I've got an existing Xamarin Forms project I need to add device specific rendering for certain screens, both for iOS and for Android. Any references on approaches that might work?

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