Provisioning APN and then debugging

I am using Push Notifications, so I went through all the steps of provisioning my app on the store, setting up the cert, etc. I downloaded my distribution profile and see it in XCode. In Xamarin Studio, I switched my app to the new Distribution profile and am using a new Build Config.
Now, when I got to debug on the phone, I get a code signing error when I try to deploy. Am I supposed to be able to use the Distribution profile to debug? Or do I revert to the dev profile - can I then debug push notifications...
Feeling a little lost here...


  • JohnWatersJohnWaters USBeta ✭✭

    OK, so I sorted this one out. In the provisioning portal I had set up the new profile as a Distribution profile. I deleted it and instead added a new Development profile, and selected my iPhone. Now the call to get a push channel work. Case closed!

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