Is there any good tutorial or sample using ImageLoader for asynchronous image downloading on a cell?

Hi All,
I have subclassed a StyledStringElement like so:

public class ProductElement : MonoTouch.Dialog.StyledStringElement, IImageUpdated, IColorizeBackground
#region IImageUpdated implementation

    void IImageUpdated.UpdatedImage (Uri uri)
        throw new NotImplementedException ();


    #region IColorizeBackground implementation

    public void WillDisplay (UITableView tableView, UITableViewCell cell, NSIndexPath indexPath)
        //throw new NotImplementedException ();
        _cell.ImageView.Image = ImageLoader.DefaultRequestImage (new Uri (_MiniChartURL), this );



My problem is that IImageUpdated.UpdatedImage is never called.
Am I missing something? Since I can't find any completed tutorial on the subject obviously I am using the ImageLoader wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance


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