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Python + Ironpython + Xamarin

I'm currently converting a python web-app into a cross platform Xamarin mobile app. It's going great so far! But now I have a number of simple python classes and functions that I need to re-write in C#. Keeping in the spirit of code re-use, would it be "possible" to use IronPython to compile those functions into a .net DLL, and then reference that DLL in my Xamarin project. Secondly, would this be a sensible or an idiotic approach to it?


  • DebjitGhoshDebjitGhosh USMember
    edited June 2014

    There is no way that we can program on a Mac using Xamarin and call Python scripts in C# because the only solution to using C# with Python is IronPython but to use IronPython we need Windows.

    Of course, using a Windows pc for programming is one solution. However, it would have been way more convenient working on Xamarin on a Mac completely and not needing a Windows PC at all.

    It would be great if there could be a solution to this.

  • DebjitGhoshDebjitGhosh USMember

    RestSharp as I just discovered has a component that has been built as a component which can actually take care of my Python needs from within my mac!

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