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Xamarin Installer runs everytime I start my system

I have noticed that the Xamarin Installer runs everytime I start my system to re-install the product. Is this the desired result? I see that I have a registery setting at:

KeyName: (REG_SZ) {d277509b-8112-4524-b765-5c9444bc2ddf}
Value: "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache{d277509b-8112-4524-b765-5c9444bc2ddf}\XamarinInstaller.exe" /burn.log.append "C:\Users(my login name)\AppData\Local\Temp\Xamarin_Universal_Installer_20130225084902.log" /burn.runonce

Is this normal? Can I safely delete this entry or should I just uninstall and re-install the product?



  • MarekHabersack.8861MarekHabersack.8861 PLXamarin Team Xamurai

    Hey Bernard,

    It appears that WiX Burn (the WiX bootstrapper) determined at some point that a system restart was necessary before running our actual installer. It usually happens when .NET 4.5 installation is attempted and one of the files it has to overwrite is being used by Windows.

    You can safely delete the entry if your installation appears to have been successful.

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