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Hope this is the right place to ask.. If not, please let us know.

Countly is an open source, enterprise mobile analytics platform tracking more than 600M unique IDs, serving 5000+ apps in 110+ countries. There are several editions of Countly, from Community to Cloud to Enterprise for different requirements.

There are 10s of SDKs for Countly, however noone has ever written a Xamarin SDK yet and we have been asked several times when to expect a Xamarin SDK. We would like to work with a partner (++individual developers are more than welcome) to build such an (open source, MIT licensed) SDK so everyone here can benefit.

Please let us know (via hello at count.ly) if you are interested. We'd be happy to answer your questions if any, in this thread.

-- Countly Team


  • CarterBancroftCarterBancroft USMember
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    I put this together: https://github.com/alt234/countly-sdk-xamarin/tree/shared

    It's a fork of a fork of the Windows Phone Countly SDK project. A good chunk of the iOS work was already done. Also note, the readme is not yet updated.

    For iOS you should just be able to clone the project, add it to your iOS app solution, reference the iOS target, init/start/stop like is done in the samples and be on your way.

    For Android the only extra thing is to make sure you have the Internet permission and the ReadPhoneState permission set in your manifest.

    If you try it out and find issues let me know. I didn't really know about Count.ly until a couple of days ago so just because I think it's working well doesn't mean it is. Shoot me a message or post here if you have any questions.

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    Thanks Carter, we'll be forwarding related requests to your link. When do you think the readme will be updated?

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