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Forums issue: Hiding a forum

NicWiseNicWise NZMember, Insider, Beta mod

Hi there

I managed to hide the iOS forum, and I couldn't find a way to get it back, so I ended up "hacking" the URLs.


hides category 9 (iOS is cat 2, I worked out). Changed it to

and it shows again. Might be something to get Vanilla to fix in the theme if they are doing any work on it. Or did I miss the obvious "show all the forums again!" button?



  • brajkovicbrajkovic USXamarin Team, University Xamurai

    Hmm. I had no idea you could even hide forums. I'll take a look sometime, hopefully soon.

  • NicWiseNicWise NZMember, Insider, Beta mod

    @brajkovic use the little cog (I normally use it for marl all read). Then hide.

    No biggie. Handy to know if someone else messes up like I did :)

  • jaquadrojaquadro USMember

    As long as they don't accidentally hide this forum before reading your tip :)

    Thanks for pointing it out, it looks like an accident waiting to happen.

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