Xamarin Native Apis in Unity3D

Hi, I'm a beginner with xamarin and unity,and we developed some things in unity and we cant replicate this in monogame due to libraries. So now we want improve some non game scenes and we all ready made natives plugins for ios and android, this was a really hard thing to do and maintain. This is why now we want to change one more time and migrate the "plugins" for android and ios to Xamarin but we need to keep working with unity as I said. I cant find any word about use xamarin natives apis in unity, can any one please helpme!?


  • FMTFMT ITMember

    I'm also interested in it too. I need to use "Android." calls into my unity3d projects.
    I set Xamarin studio as editor into Unity3d but the libraries like Android.app or Android.Graphics i successfully used in other Xamarin projects doesn't seem to run when Xamarin is used as Unity3d editor.
    Have I to set something into Xamarin or Unity?

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