What is the best practice for iOS - Have Storyboard or Normal Screens

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I am a bit confused about which one to use. Currently I am creating new screens and linking it via a button which opens up that screen. Would it be good to go with storyboard or continue with the way I am doing it? What are the advantages of using Storyboard?


  • adamkempadamkemp USInsider, Developer Group Leader mod

    It depends on your app and how you want to design things. For apps that have relatively static UI flows storyboards can be a simple and easy to understand way to represent your whole app's UI all in one place. However, it is also harder to work with a team when using storyboards because they can be challenging to merge. For more complex apps they probably aren't going to be flexible enough. I've found that a lot of people who use storyboards or even lots of .xibs end up having to do things the "normal" way (using code alone) at some point. You should definitely try to learn how to do that so that when you need to you can, and so that you can understand how things actually work under the hood.

    Personally, for the apps I've worked on Storyboards have never been sufficient so we never used them. We use .xibs for some things (where the layout is tedious and static), but also do things by hand in code whenever .xibs don't add much value or just won't work.

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    I'm learning how to do things using code alone along the way. I have been using .xib's for development, but would switch to using code more as I learn more.

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