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StavrosMenegosStavrosMenegos GRBeta, University ✭✭

What a nightmare !!!
I tried to install the new Xamarin Studio (Business Edition).
I previously renewed my former Professional Edition and got a new activation code. However, I couldn't manage to let the former MonoDevelop Studio about the new activation code.
Even worse, I downloaded from my Xamarin account page the 6.2 version of mono touch.
That means that I cannot any longer compile my solutions unless I re activate my Xamarin iOS.
How can this be done?

PS: Isn't it a petty for such a tremendous work from the Xamarin team to end-up with such a pain for the legitimate developers to carry on with their work?

Miguel should you not mind a piece of advice from a enterprise business developer: Spend some time with the registration, activation and deployment process. Otherwise, anytime you launch something new, we will have to pray prior to install.

PS2: I will never do any upgrades on weekends. Support is not there to help professionals do their work!!!


  • brajkovicbrajkovic USXamarin Team, University Xamurai

    Hi Stavros,

    As I recall from the helpdesk, everything was sorted out. Have you had any more issues?

    Best, Bojan

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