Drawing a calendar for ios, android,w8

hi all, I'm coming from ios development and I am looking at xamarain very seriously for about 10 apps that I plan to launch cross platform over the next year.
One of the "out side the box" features is a Calendar. I have actually already launched two ios apps for the iPad that use this full screen calendar that uses coregraphics to draw the lines, days of week, dates, and events on the calendar.

How would I go about writing code in C# that could be used by all 3 platforms to draw such a custom UI. I understand that maybe the UI should be a little different for each platforms hardware but is there at least a way to draw such a thing with xamarin. I'm not looking for code examples just someone to point my ship in the right direction .

Thanks for your help.


  • JonDouglasJonDouglas USXamarin Team, University, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    You'll have to make an implementation in each platform, so you can use the abstraction pattern to do that(Make interfaces that you implement on each platform). It really depends on what type of calendar you plan to create(Whether it's overriding default calendar stuff, or if it's an actual drawable based calendar)

    For the latter, you can try to use Splat:


    Here's a small example of something custom like a calendar:


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