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Unhandled Activation Error

KevinLKitchensKevinLKitchens USMember
edited May 2014 in General

Installation of v3 went fine... Tried to open the Store solution and get the following "Unhandled Activation Error" and to contact Xamarin Support with the following information:

System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\ProgramData\MonoTouch\License\monotouch.trial.licx' is denied.
at Xamarin.Components.Ide.Activation.ActivationService.GetErrorWorkflow(LicenseSyncResult[] results, Boolean ignoreSyncErrors)
at Xamarin.Components.Ide.Activation.ActivationService.d__89.MoveNext()
at Xamarin.Components.Ide.Activation.ActivationDialog.DisplayWorkflowStep(ActivationWorkflowStep step)
at Xamarin.Components.Ide.Activation.ActivationDialog.<>c__DisplayClass13.b__12(Task t)

I had a trial of an older version awhile back... is it possible this is preventing me from trying the new version?


  • KevinLKitchensKevinLKitchens USMember

    Appears this may be the case. I tried to load in Xamarin Studio and the Droid version of the app tells me that I need an Indie license or higher and the won't let me start a trial since my trial has "ended".

  • JamesMontemagnoJamesMontemagno USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    Email into [email protected] and they will help you with your trial.

  • KevinLKitchensKevinLKitchens USMember

    OK... did about 90 mins ago (two hours ago to [email protected]) and no reply yet. Guess you're getting swamped. :(

  • KevinLKitchensKevinLKitchens USMember

    24 hours later... no reply... very discouraging :(

  • KevinLKitchensKevinLKitchens USMember

    Crickets... chirp chirp.

  • KevinLKitchensKevinLKitchens USMember

    Wow... still no reply... XAMARIN are you there???

  • PeterDavisPeterDavis USMember ✭✭✭
    edited June 2014

    @klkitchens‌ I'm suffering from the same problem. Sent a question on Thursday. I've asked 3 times for an estimate on when they think they'll get around to my question (not pushing them on the question itself, but merely so I can give my manager an estimate).

    Here it is Wednesday and except for a reply that didn't answer my question (it asked for some details about the issue), I've gotten nothing.

    Very frustrating. I'm starting to wonder why I paid $2000... And more importantly, I'm starting to wonder why I've defended that decision with other users on these forums...

  • KevinLKitchensKevinLKitchens USMember
    edited June 2014

    @PeterDavis‌ Sorry to hear that...

    Xamarin has already shown, with their pricing model, that they don't have an interest in supporting independent developers. Especially when it comes to VS integration. MS has price points for VS at many levels, but for Xamarin integration into VS, you have to pay through the nose... Sure you can use Xamarin Studio, which isn't 1/2 bad... and still use VS for the main codebase and only tie it together with XS... but their general snub of indie developers does them no credit.

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