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Video Streaming with DRM - Microsoft Playready DRM

DanHermesDanHermes USInsider, University ✭✭
edited March 2014 in General

Our client needs video streaming with Digital Rights Management(DRM) for use with Xamarin.iOS and Android. They're looking at Microsoft Playready DRM. Any thoughts, suggestions on Xamarin-friendly DRMs and experience with Xamarin/Microsoft Playready DRM?


  • roycornelissenroycornelissen USInsider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭

    Did you find a suitable suggestion for this? I have a similar requirement for a client.

  • eroccaerocca ESMember

    I have a similar requirement for a client.
    Did you find a suitable suggestion?

  • DanHermesDanHermes USInsider, University ✭✭

    No good advice on this yet.

  • coldecolde DKMember
    edited May 2014

    Those libraries are Objective-C, so they would have to be wrapped to work with Xamarin, same thing for Widevine, at least for iOS. For Android, it should be easy with Xamarin, as the DRM libraries are already part of the platform.

  • DanHermesDanHermes USInsider, University ✭✭
    edited May 2014

    Thanks, colde. That's exactly what I had told the client, though I won't be sure it's easy until we try it.

  • coldecolde DKMember

    @Dan - if you need some information, feel free to message me, we are licensing both :)

  • rmarinhormarinho PTMember, Insider, Beta Xamurai

    +1 to get some info on this as well

  • nudacanudaca PTMember

    Any update on this?

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