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Android 4.0+ Applications - EditText appearance

RobCrossleyRobCrossley USMember ✭✭✭

Is it possible to have a 4.0+ application use the EditText appearance from 3.0? I'm really fond of the full full box edit texts with the orange focus when selected because I think they're easier to spot than the 4.0 version of the EditText widget. I'm hoping to use that appearance instead but Google searching makes it seem like the only way to accomplish that is to make your own drawable for it and have it use that. Is there an easy way to use older API appearances for widgets or does anyone know a quick way I can grab the drawable from the 3.0 EditText?

Thank you!


  • RobCrossleyRobCrossley USMember ✭✭✭

    As it would just so happen, I appear to have found out how to do it. In case anyone else is looking for this answer, open your android SDK Manager to find out where your Android SDK is installed. Navigate to that folder, click on platforms and select the api you want to steal the drawable from. Open Data -> Res -> Drawable. Find the widget you're looking for and copy that over. Please note these can also have ninepatch files associated with them which you'll also have to copy over. Those are located in the drawable-hdpi etc. folders.

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