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Port iOS to Windows 8

SuperProKyleSuperProKyle USMember

I was wondering if it is possible to port an existing iOS app to Windows 8 using Xamarin. I know it's possible to go from C# to an iOS app, so it seems logical that the reverse is true. Also, if there are any tutorials or documentation regarding this process, I'd greatly appreciate it.



  • JasonAwbreyJasonAwbrey USInsider, University, Developer Group Leader mod

    An iOS app written in Obj-C? If so, yes you can do it, but you would have to rewrite everything in C#. That's the old-school definition of port, and probably not what you had in mind.

    If it is a Xamarin.iOS app, you can potentially reuse the services/data/domain parts of the code, and just rewrite the UI and platform specific layers.

  • SuperProKyleSuperProKyle USMember

    Yeah it is an app written in Obj-C. I was hoping there would be an easier shortcut than converting it all to C# by hand. Oh well. If it was in fact a Xamarin.iOS app, are there any good tutorials on conversion to different platforms? Thanks for the quick reply!

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