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New to Xamarin, few questions

dannyg86dannyg86 IEMember
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Hey guys/gals.

I am a software engineer/developer and have extensive knowledge of C, C++, Lua, and a working knowledge of Objective-C, Java and Php.

This will be my first time using C# however, and I am really excited to be learning a new language and toolkit. I have been a software developer for over 10 years, and have made various games and apps over the years.

So after searching for an alternative to native app development, I found Xamarin, and it seems really intruiging. I am currently only interested in developing standard/business apps, games later, probably will use unity for those.

Anyway, i wanted to ask you kind folks if you would steer me toward which libraries I should be looking to use for my next (and first Xamarin) project.

The app i am making basically boils down to this:

  • Custom UI, probably not using any native widgets/controls. (Buttons, lists, graphs etc)

  • Http requests (get, post)

  • SQL (possibly)

  • JSON

If someone could point me to what they recommend for the UI and http interfaces in particular that would be great. I found docs and such for JSON and SQL already. I will be making this app for Android and iOS initially, so is there a good cross platform Image library I can use? I heard of ngui (or something) that seems very nice.

Sorry for all the questions, i've been using an sdk which spoilt me a little too much over the last year, so i'm unsure of how much Xamarin spoils you in the cross platform aspect.

Hoping this community is active and friendly!
Thank you


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