PCL without visual studio -Is it possible?

The question is regarding the Portable Class Library.
I do not see the Portable Library template under Create new Project in Xamarin Studio
I use enterprise edition of xamarin
I understand that Portable Library Project is installed default along with Visual Studio 2013.It will be accessible fro xamarin also.
A)My question is that can I add /build a solution file containing Portable class library project in Xamarin Studio without any Visual Studio versions?
If it is possible ,let me know the steps,(Else I need to check alternative of file linking.)
I have seen some people commenting about a standalone exe PortableLibraryTools.exe .But it required Visual Studio as a prior requisite.
I installed Microsoft .NET Portable Library Reference Assemblies 4.6 as per some threads.But do not see PCL project template anywhere in add new project.
Sujith KS

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